If you like it, then you should register and start playing for real. Play the game only as much as you want, and only for fun. If you play with real money, then the results of the bets are lost. If you want to play Aviator, you can visit any of our recommended gambling sites.

  • This is a game that was designed for more experienced players.
  • The entire prize from Aviator diamond will be carried over to the main section of the game.
  • In the final round, the bets that have not been carried out yet are lost, and the multiplier is equal to 1x.
  • In the case of a loss, you will not lose your money, because it won’t be a loss.
  • The online casino does not interfere in the game, and it does not affect the result.

Thus, even if you are not playing, you are still in a position to receive an income. Your account at a safe and honest online casino is required to play this game of Aviator. The diversity of options in the Aviator game helps you enjoy the game. There are many different winning bets and multipliers that make different outcomes possible.

Aviator: Play and Conquer

The so-called Base game and the Super Bonus version. In the first version, the player can place single bets as well as multiple bets. The player can bet up to 30 credits in one round. The most used Aviator lobby types are the free and the play for real money.

  • And the payout is based on the standard payback percentage.
  • In addition, the game is designed to be interesting, unpredictable and fun.
  • Aviator is a fun online casino game, where all you need to do to get winning is to luck.
  • The Aviator game is a battle of the software.

The owner of the casino Aviator is the licensed operator of Aviator. The company is licensed and certified by the Gambling Commission of Great Britain. The supplier is available in the case of any problems with the game. You can visit the license page of the supplier to check the accuracy of the information. We recommend you to read the license carefully, so as not to be tricked by the fraudulent companies.

Aviator: Your Route to Riches

When you start playing, all bettors get the same coefficient. Beginners play with a coefficient of 2x, and it is not difficult to reach higher coefficients. At the moment of bet placement, the coefficient is highlighted. The most significant feature of the Aviator online casino is that it offers a unique opportunity for players to feel like a risky pilot.

Aviator of the game, the coefficient of the round in which the bet was placed. The maximum multiplier possible in each round is aviator bet 5. In addition, the bonus is not the only thing you can earn. There are a variety of special promotions to help you earn more.

Aviator: Your Winning Streak

The platform provides the best possible video slot games and the most lucrative bonuses to players. In addition to the slot machines, you can find lots of other games and innovative features. And the main thing – the games are completely free. Aviatorcture of a game, and a basic understanding of the design process. The game features can be changed by pressing the Spin button.

  • The game is not recommended for beginners who are interested in betting and not in gambling.
  • We have provided a game where you can view the coefficient of the next round, the number of rounds in the game and your entire bankroll.
  • Not to mention, this is a casino game is not very profitable, but it is very entertaining.
  • To do this, press the “Change the Coefficient” button, which is available at the moment the growth of the coefficient stops.

Game accepts deposits from Visa, MasterCard, Neteller, Skrill, PaySafeCard and Moneybookers. It should be noted that all transactions are automatically confirmed. When you reach the goal, the round is closed, and all winnings are credited to your account.

Slot Fever

Some are well known for paying higher winnings and winnings are often more consistent. Aviator India is one such bookmaker that is well-established and is therefore a safe bet. The online casino does not have a direct access to the player’s account. So if you win, you will get your winnings from the online casino through the trading platform. If you lose, you will lose your bet through the trading platform, and be paid by the online casino. In this way, the online casino is completely transparent, and the player has a full control over the entire process.

  • There is also a possibility of getting a win at a multiplier of 2x.
  • Most of them are activated when you have reached a certain bonus level.
  • If you feel like you have a talent for mathematical calculations, you can also play the Aviator game.
  • If they are lucky enough, they can win anything, from two to several hundred dollars.
  • Players from the UK, US, and other countries are represented by more than 50%.

In the case of a cash out, the operation will be slightly different. For every $ 1 of the bet, we will offer an additional bonus of $ 1. The player will not get any bonus for the first $ 1.

The Slot Revolution

You should remember that the longer the round is, the more you will win. If the round is over, then the bet is canceled. You can repeat the process of activation and make a bet at the same rate for multiple online casinos.

  • For example, if you bet $10, you will get $22 in this case.
  • You can play the game using your mobile phone, tablet, or computer.
  • In a round, the loss rate is gradually reduced.
  • To avoid cheating, the result of each round of a round is checked, and if the result is unfairly generated, the bet is canceled.
  • If you choose to play the bonus rounds, you must remember to pay attention to your bets.

The multiplier will be applied to your bet in the round. I believe that I have chosen the best online casino to play Aviator. Aviator offers a lot of promotions to all its customers.

Maximize Slot Gains

In the third phase you have a chance to withdraw. During all three phases, online casino offers bettors to check the fairness of the game using built-in functionality. And if the game is not fair, then all bets are removed from the game. In order to calculate the multiplier, Aviator needs to access the system of the host. It is not possible to display the chosen coefficient on the screen, because it will be saved in the system.

Savor Slot Delights

This is the main difference between the game and other online poker and video poker games. It is the difference between the game and the online slot machine. The first round of the Aviator game gives a chance to use the Aviator Spire game. The first round of betting allows you to use the spire feature and select the maximum multiplier.

This is a kind of the fairy tale bonus round. The jackpot grows, but is lost with a single bet. The main problem is that there is no way to get this Jackpot, and a bet is required just to get it. You have to play the game over and over again until you have managed to get the Jackpot!

The only thing is that the goal of Aviator is to win money. In the game of chance, the probability of winning depends on the number of rounds in which you play. In our case, the probability of winning depends on the height at which the plane flies away. You can win money, of course, but also the opportunity to win new games and buy a new plane. • Multiplier: In this case, it is the additional multiplier, which was created by the plane’s flight. It is the main factor for the winning in the game.

Spin Your Way to Victory

If you are a real gamblers, then you will appreciate the fact that the casino offers a large variety of slots machines to play on. You can find the full list of games on the site! In the first half of the game, you will have to survive in the confrontation between the Black Hand and the FBI. You have to do this by upgrading your weapon. At the same time, you have to create a defense. A countdown will show the time remaining before the plane is shot down by the Black Hand.

The Betting Limits can be set manually as a fixed number for each coefficient. This option is available in the Settings menu. Create your own strategy, and you will start winning. Play very well and create a winning strategy for yourself to become a professional player.

Dive into Slot Magic

Remember that luck is not a friend of the game. So choose the right casino and start the game with Aviator. Only those who have a desire to start playing can register in the store. After the registration, you can see the game in the Player section. The Aviator game is a game of luck, but it is a game in which you can show off your skills.

• Read more about Aviator and other online casinos on If you want to play Aviator you have to choose a good online casino in the category of responsible gambling. The most important thing for you is to play the game with a sense of fairness. The second thing is to check the fairness of the game, because if you don’t know, your money will burn out! The game is played on the slot machine, and the game uses the odds and multipliers for the calculation of the winnings. It is also possible to change the multiplier for each round using the slider of the Aviator game.

Spin and Triumph

This number is sent to the client device, and the multiplier is determined. At the same time, the height of the Airplane is generated on the client device. If the multiplier is equal to the height of the airplane, the player immediately wins.

After the selection of the game mode, you can choose the size of your bet, and the multiplier. As for the number of rounds, it depends on the platform. After clicking the spin button, you can check the current coefficient, and if it is not good, click the retry button. If everything went well, then the plane will start to climb at random. Once the multiplier reaches the desired level, it will stop growing. This will enable the player to buy back the bet, which means to buy back the multiplier.

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